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The Power of Crowdfunding

As a Publicist, one of my favorite tactics is marketing. Figuring out how to get a product noticed and garner positive reaction has always interested me but something about pushing forth a product at a grassroots level has always been able to capture my attention as well. These days there is no secret that crowdfunding has been impactful for many small businesses. From Arbonite, the drinkable “organic supermeal” to Jibo robot, there are thousands of campaigns on Kickstarter, IndieGoGo and GoFundme that may be intriguing to an investor. But for many, the question will remain on how exactly to get the attention of those willing to invest. Well here is where the rubber meets the road for me. I think one of the best ways to get a crowdfunding idea in front of the right people is a strategic media outreach plan. There is nothing like good ol PR when you need to spread the word fast. Of course social media, perks and pulling on the heartstrings of local affluent folk doesn’t hurt either. BmoreSweeteryLogo

Our latest favorite crowdfunding campaign is none other than the B’More Sweetery which of course is affiliated with a Milan Media Group client. Here’s are the details on this yummy new venture:

About B’More Sweetery’s IndieGoGo Campaign:

The goal of the B’More Sweetery IndieGoGo campaign is to raise $50,000. Any and all funds raised from this campaign will be used to finish the physical location and get it ready for the grand opening in November which includes but is not limited to, interior remodeling, purchasing of cooking equipment, signage, marketing, etc.

This business will not only offer artisans a licensed certified kitchen, professional atmosphere to prepare, showcase and sell their goods, but also provide locals a new establishment that they can enjoy while they support local entrepreneurs.

It is the intentions of the owners to use this as a model for future sweeteries.

Contributors to this campaign can benefit from perks such as an appearance on a B’More Sweetery billboard or in a commercial, V.I.P. guest treatment for one year, name written on B’More Sweetery Wall of Fame and much more. The campaign ends on September 22, 2014. For more info about this IndieGoGo campaign, please visit: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/b-more-sweetery-kitchens.

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