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The Art of Networking. Are You Missing Out On Key Connections?

The Art of Networking. Are You Missing Out On Key Connections?

Are you a networking guru? Do you manage to meet people who somehow always seem to be beneficial to your professional network? Well those of us who are in the public relations industry know exactly how meaningful networking is…. Because after all, much of PR is about connections. But, the fact of the matter is that many people aren’t quite sure what networking is or how to do it. As a person who is known as a social butterfly, I can say that even with an inviting personality and a keen eye for people who look like they’re in the know, networking can still be challenging.

When I talk to great networkers the number one thing I notice is that they will talk to anyone. I mentioned earlier about having a keen eye for people in the know. This doesn’t always mean a person who stands out in the crowd or has the ultimate swagger, it means paying attention to many more details. For instance does the guy sitting at the bar in the swanky lounge know all of the bartenders or hosts, does the person sitting next to you on the airplane have such great conversation that they must have a plethora of interesting acquaintances? Is the lady in the mall who complimented you on your shoes who seems like a Chatty Kathy actually a well known socialite that just so happens to have a passion for fashion? These incidents are frequent in our lives but we often ignore them because we aren’t thinking like a true networker. Don’t be afraid to talk to people. Ask questions, answer some, engage in conversation more often and you’ll be surprised how your network grows. Oh, and don’t ever leave out the house without your business cards!

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