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Red Carpet…. The Gift and The Curse

So as a publicist I would love to get one of my clients on the red carpet. The idea is easy to achieve if you’re an A-Lister but those of us who don’t have that clientele are often challenged to secure opportunities to place our client on the walk of fame. The Red Carpet is synonymous with success, money, prestige, glamour, etc but there can also be a down side if those few minutes don’t go flawlessly. There have been several celebs that grace the Red Carpet and end up being humiliated in the press for days to come. Whether its a bad photo angle that shows back fat, wardrobe malfunctions, a horrible tan, or a fall- This is the one place that nothing goes unnoticed. So although most of us dream of getting our clients there, lets not forget that the Red Carpet can be just as much of a curse than it is a gift.

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Here are some of the most embarrassing Red Carpet photos on the web.