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It’s All About Perception!


The job of a publicist is very different than that of a person in advertising or talent management.  Although these disciplines often overlap, Jean Louis Gassee said it best when he stated, “Advertising is saying you’re good. PR is getting someone else to say you’re good.” This is often a challenging job but it’s what makes us PR pros tick!

The task of crafting a public image that speaks to the goals of the brand and establishes or reinforces a positive public image is an ongoing job that heavily involves changing perception. I tell friends and clients all the time that with the technology tools available you can create a public image that is representative of your brand and NOT NECCESSARILY REPRESENTATIVE Of YOUR BUDGET.  What exactly is reality these days anyway? You’d be surprised how many people have exceptional websites and huge numbers of social media followers who handle most of their business from their IPhone or IPad.

What this means is that with a few creative ideas and professional pointers, you can begin to establish your brand with a very small budget. Creating an online presence with social media and consistent messaging will take you far! If you’re in need of some branding tips refer back to Build Your Brand.  So until you’re financially ready to enlist a professional publicist don’t be afraid to start creating the perception that you already have one! ;)


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