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Is All Press Good Press? Hell Yeah!!

So the question of whether all press is good press is asked quite often. And the answer is always an emphatic “Yes!”, unless you’re talking to some stick in the mud who doesn’t really understand the endless opportunities that comes along with it.  But how can a bad story written about you or your client actually be good? Well, first of all, it is keeping you relevant. Whether it is complimentary or defamatory- your name is in the news!! With one of most challenging parts of PR being done for you (making the news/headlines), it’s time for DAMAGE CONTROL which involves piggy backing the same negative story and putting a positive spin on it.  Whether its talking to a Oprah about a battle with addiction, or going to a homeless shelter and feeding the needy after a person’s been caught making an insensitive comment about the less fortunate, tactics like these are used to show human qualities that gain empathy, thus crafting a relatable image. Voila! The ultimate recovery, right??? Not so fast… This definitely isn’t a one pitch wonder, and will certainly take some creative ideas and of course time and much effort, but if done correctly it can foster a major comeback.

Beware that a client who keeps making the news for the wrong reasons is going to be a much harder empathetic character to sell, so you might have to have several come to Jesus meetings with the difficult ones. But, let’s face it, these challenges are what makes pr so attractive to most of us, and successfully crafting an image is a great reward!  I don’t think any of us would mind having Miley Cyrus as a client while she’s going through her rebellious stage and twerking every chance she gets.  Or, representing Nicki Minaj as the ultimate DIVA!  But regardless of whether you’re representing an A-lister or a small boutique business any press that your client receives should be viewed as an opportunity to get them even more.







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