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In 2014: Brand or Fail

So the New Year is just a couple of days away and many of us are reflecting on 2013’s milestones, failures, missed opportunities, etc. The idea of a clean slate is becoming more and more appealing as you’re eager to put this year behind, but let’s not get caught up in useless or unattainable resolutions for 2014.

Instead, I encourage you to reassess your brand and do your best to get it right this time.  With the obsession with the internet and every gadget that has an “I” in front of its name, it’s paramount to understand your identity, goals, competitors and most importantly OPPORTUNITIES!  The market for almost every product is intense and competitive, and if you don’t know your brand- and by that I mean inside and out, YOU WILL FAIL.  Trust me. So rather than sit here and pontificate on the importance of the aforementioned, I’d like to give you some tips to help you know your brand, strengthen it, and soar in the New Year.

When truly understanding your identity, there are some questions you must ask, thoroughly RESEARCH, and answer.  Here are some that I use when working with a new client:

What does your brand represent?
Who is your clientele? (demographic)
What does your clientele look like? (physically)
How do you want your brand to make people feel?
Who is your competition?
What makes your brand unique?
How will your logo/packaging convey these messages?
Where do you see your brand 2,5,10 years from now?

These questions will get some thought provoking conversations started with you and your team and knowing the answers will take you one step closer to branding your product/services affectively. Once you truly understand your brand and have a strategy in place, it will be practically impossible for you to fail. In 2014, failure is not an option.


Take a look at some of my favorite up and coming brands:


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