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Green With Envy

These days there are many of us who are tree huggers, whether in the closet or not, but going green is a lot easier said than done. From limiting your paper usage to driving a more Eco-friendly vehicle some of these lifestyle changes are more costly monetarily than some of us think the benefits are worth. A client of mine, Green Bliss http://www.shopgreenbliss.com, is an Eco-friendly website and showroom that provides product and services which foster sustainability. From cleaning products to geothermal installation Green Bliss offers options to those who are serious about going green. Over the years of working with the CEO Bliss Cureton I have become very familiar with the going green lifestyle choice, and although there are some things everyone can do to live greener and cleaner lives, truly going green requires an investment and isn’t cheap.

I found some incredible green spaces I’m sure will make a few of us Green With Envy…

Prefab cottage

Ideabox Confluence Green Prefab

Metheny Modular Green Wedge House in North Carolina

Modern Dwelling Shed in Port Townsend

This hi-tech green home’s asking price is $4 Million