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Bullseye for Target. Dead miss for Neiman Marcus

Around the holiday season I was in a Neiman Marcus store and noticed all these red target graphics along with some pretty interesting pieces of art such as a bicycle designed by Alice & Olivia. I was even more intrigued by designers like Rodarte and Marc Jacobs being featured on picture frames and umbrellas. So as I investigated, I realized that Target had teamed up with Neiman Marcus to market a more affordable line. But this didn’t sit well with me. Although Target is by far my favorite store in its category I couldn’t believe that the upscale reputation of Neiman’s was being blundered by this epic fail of an advertising campaign. Why marry the two? Is the economy that poor that fine retailers have to risk their image for a quick buck? Whatever the reason, I’m sure Target got phenomenal press behind this… Neiman Marcus, not so much. What do you think? Pass or epic fail??

Til next time.
The PR Doll