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4 Ways to Establish a Winning Brand!

So, the ‘New Year’ talk about resolutions has worn off but for those of you with small businesses every year and every month will be filled with new promises and ideas to help get your business that elusive breakthrough. Well, one of the major pitfall small businesses face is brand, so I decided to share some ways to help you lay the groundwork.

1)    Know Your Brand Strengths~ When customers think of your brand what do they think? Do they know exactly who you are, what you stand for, what your logo looks like? If not, you may be missing out on some fundamentals associated with establishing a solid brand. When you develop your company’s persona you want to keep all of the aforementioned in mind. Ultimately, you want people to associate you with your specific product and demographic. For instance,

2)    Don’t Forget to Establish Brand Guidelines~ In a world where everything is instant, people often forget to execute some of the basics thinking it will all come together after the fact and that ‘Cart before the horse mentality’ can land your brand in big trouble. When developing guidelines, it’s paramount to include the following:

•         Logo

•         Brand colors

•         Taglines/Mission

•         Fonts and typography

•         The “voice” used in your branded materials (Serious, Humorous, Sophisticated,


•         Graphics

•         Ambassadors and spokespeople (Who is a fit? Who is not?)

Adhering to these rules for your brand will eliminate a lot of confusion about Who You Are and help to solidify your brand, stick with them and be consistent!

3)    Keep it Simple~ Don’t make your branding too complicated by regularly changing logos, your mission, or revamping your company once a year.  These are common mistakes small businesses make when things don’t seem to be moving as fast as they’d like but they add even more time to your goal of success.

4)    Make Your Brand Unmistakable~ Don’t get caught creating vague guidelines to give yourself ultimate wiggle room. That is a huge mistake! The onus is on you to determine EXACTLY what your brand stands for and stick to it! Not being clear on what your brand represents will only confuse potential costumers…

Here are some of our favorite brands:

Ralph Lauren~ Luxury meets Comfort

Ralph Lauren~ Luxury meets Comfort


Nike Logo History

Square Up ~ Its square, its mobile, its unmistakable.

After a drastic change in 1976, Apple’s logo is unmistakable