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3 Things to Keep You Inspired!

Inspiration_1The other day I was thinking about a few things and while I was in the process of determining what my upcoming blog subject would be, it dawned on me that I was not quite sure exactly what I was motivated to write about.  This of course led me to thinking about present inspirations in my life. Needless to say, I have many motivations. From becoming an internationally known and successful publicist to creating lasting brands for my clients there is always something that keeps the flame under my tush.  But inspiration is quite different than motivation. Simply put, INSPIRATION is what makes you WANT to do something, and MOTIVATION is what GETS you to do it. For instance seeing the success of newer brands such as David’s Tea and 5 Hour Energy inspires me to find creative ways to brand my clients and use these tactics to get them the best media exposure available. However, my motivation is always success, which is a huge umbrella that covers everything from being able to send my daughter to absolutely any college of her choice to traveling the world.  My motivation is always present but my inspirations are sometimes lackluster.

How do you remain creative? What keeps the new and fresh ideas at a forefront in your life?  So clearly there will be a plethora of answers to these questions, but for those of us in industries that often center upon art, culture, pop culture, etc. I think inspiration comes from being engulfed in these things. What exactly does this mean? If you’re an actor- you should be going to plays, taking classes, researching characters/actors, etc.  If you’re a wardrobe stylist- you should attend every fashion event you can, travel, read fashion magazines, visit showrooms, etc.  If you’re an author- READ, talk to other authors, take creative writing classes, etc.  You should get the point by now that you need to surround yourself by the seed of inspirations, Grass root efforts are not always as bad as you think (smile).

But for my fellow Fabulous Publicist who struggle with inspiration, I’d like to suggest my top three ways to keep you inspired.


 #1 Talk to new industry people. Spark conversations with those in your industry to see what they’re doing, follow them on social media, read their blogs, etc. and I am certain that you will come across some new ideas.

#2 Participate in Workshops/Webinars. I don’t know about the rest of you but there is not a week that goes by that I don’t participate in at least one.  Here are a few current ones that I recommend:

Make Headlines!

How to Get Clients

Product Placement 
#3 Keep the most open door policy you can with your clients and others around you. Don’t be afraid to let your client(s) suggest ideas. You’d be surprised about the great things they suggest!! Be a sponge… Even if someone suggest an idea that sounds totally off the wall, at least give it some thought.  The imagination has no boundaries and neither do inspirations…

Til next time

xoxo, The PR Doll